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Ocean World All Inclusive Package

Basic Information

Mon~Sat at 10:30am
Minimum Pax
1 Person
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Meet Location

  • Tongin Market near Gyeongbokgung Station


  • All cooking ingredients and equipment
  • Use of an apron
  • Welcome drinks
  • Recipe cards
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Learn how to make some popular Korean dishes and become a Korean chef at home!

Do you wish to prepare some Korean dishes you tried at Korean restaurants on your own or simply get to know about modern Korean cuisine? Grab an offer where you can take a small group cooking class near Gyeongbokgung Palace after a 30-minute tour to an old market! The 2.5-hour class finishes with all classmates sitting down together to indulge in the food they made.

Why this class?
▷Small group cooking class to let you get hands-on experience on Korean cuisine
▷Learn about seasonal ingredients for Korean food at Tongin Market, a small local market since 1940s
▷Try making popular Korean dishes with easy steps to follow and repeat on your own at home
▷Vegetarian and halal options available upon request & solo participant with an additional charge (10,000 won)

[Budae jjigae & jeon (pancake) - Mon & Tue]
1) Budae jjigae: a spicy stew with ham, sausage, kimch, pork and tofu. The name of the dish means ‘army stew’ and it was known to be created after the Korean War (1950~1953) with the sausage and ham from the U.S. Army bases.
2) Jeon: pan-fried pancakes using various ingredients like vegetables, meat and seafood served as appetizers, side dishes or desserts. You will make small size pancakes.

[Tteok-bokki & pan-fried mandu - Wed & Thu]
1) Tteok-bokki: tteok-bokki is one of the most popular street foods in Korea. Sticky rice cakes are stir-fried with gochujang (spicy Korean chili sauce) and fish cakes and boiled eggs can be added.
2) Pan-fried mandu - Korean dumplings with ground meat and vegetables inside

[Korean fried chicken with spicy sauce or soy sauce & pickled radishes - Fri & Sat]
1) Korean fried chicken with spicy sauce or soy sauce: Koreans’ favorite food pairing with beer. It is stir-fried with a variety of sauces, but the most common are gochujang (spicy Korean chili sauce) and soy sauce. Spicy sauce is used most of the time, but using soy sauce is also available depending on the preferences of the participants of the day.
2) Pickled radishes: served with fried chicken and easy to make

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