About Trazy Points
You can earn free points to use on Trazy!
  • You'll get 1 point for every dollar you spend on Trazy.
  • You'll get 75 points for every review & 150 points for every photo review you leave.
  • Bonus points for your first review or photo review! You'll get 150 points for your first review or photo review.
  • Trazy Points are valid for 2 years after you received the points.
How to use Trazy Points
Book any activity or tour on Trazy with Trazy Points.
You can start using Trazy points at a minimum 10 points.
You can check your Trazy Points on
Terms & Conditions
- Review: Rating & Text
- Photo Review: Rating, Text & Photo
- Validation: When the tour/activity that you book is completed without cancellation or refund
Trazy Points are available for members only.
Points are valid for 2 years. After 2 years, they will be expired.
Points for booking will be given 10 days after they have been validated.
Points for booking will be deducted if you cancel or request refund (whether full or partial) of the tour/activity you booked.
Points for review will be given for a review of 100 characters or more within 7 days after the review is posted. You can leave a review per activity for each tour date. You'll be only be given points for reviews that are written 100 characters or more at your first try. If you didn't write a review of less than 100 characters at first and ask for revision to write more than 100 characters, points will not be given.
Points for review or photo review may get deducted if the review or photo:
i) violates or infringes other users’ rights, privacy or intellectual property
ii) incites racism, sexual discrimination, or any type of offensive or malicious act against any group or individual
iii) creates false, illusive, misleading information or activities
iv) generates promotion or commercial information without Trazy’s prior express written consent
v) provides or provokes illegal or unlawful activities
vi) uses other users’ content or Trazy Content or modifies the content
vii) deliberately writes biased comments for the benefit of another party
viii) solicits personal information from other users
Points from past bookings as a non-member cannot be transferred to your registered account. Points are applied to bookings that are done from April 27, 2019 KST (Trazy's Points launch date).
Points will not be given to sponsored activities/bookings or business accounts.
Points previously earned based on the old point system are saved for 2 years.
Points will not be given back for confirmed transactions that you cancel.
You'll need and have to use a minimum of 10 points in order to apply the discount when booking.
Trazy Points Policy may change without prior notice.