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Ocean World All Inclusive Package

Basic Information

Every day
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1 Person
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  • COEX


  • Gangnam Coex All-in-One Pass (48-hour)
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Enjoy all of the best attractions and services at COEX with one single ticket!

With the Gangnam COEX All-in-One Pass, you will be able to enjoy the best attractions and services offered at COEX! Simply show the staff your QR code ticket and spend a super fun day of fun activities and convenient services! In addition, use your coupon code to download additional discount coupons to restaurants & shops and save extra!

Why this pass?
▷Free entrance/service: COEX aquarium, Mega Box movie theater, airport limousine, and luggage storage
▷Extra discounts: download extra discount coupons and pay less at selected stores
▷QR Code: save time by simply showing the staff your QR code on your smartphone

How to book

  • 1. Complete your booking.
  • 2. Check your email.
  • 3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

1. Free attractions/services must be visited/completed within 48 hours. The valid time will start from your first usage.
2. Discount stores may change with our prior notice.
3. Your preferred time for the airport limousine may be sold out.
4. Any type of refund is not available once you use the QR code.
6. Only 2D movies are available for Mega Box. 3D/4D and other special movies are not available.
7. English subtitles are not available for Korean movies.
8. If you booked the COEX Pass for 3 people, all 3 people must watch the same movie at the same time.


3 days before the reserved date: 100% refund
2 days before the reserved date: 50% refund
1 day before the reserved date or less: Non-refundable
*If you would like to reschedule your reservation, please check the availability with us at least 3 days before the original reserved date (no later than 5:00pm KST).