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DMZ and JSA 1 Day Tour

$120 USD


Tuesday to Friday

Minimum Pax

1 Person


8 hours 30 mins


2 days in advance


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Meet Location

  • JoongAng Tour office in President Hotel (Room #302 on the 3rd floor)


  • Tour guide
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Admission fee
  • Lunch
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There is no other place in South Korea where you can get this close to the border of North Korea and North Korean soldiers. In just one day, you will get a complete insight of the North and South relations through this exclusive tour.

Why this tour?
▷Visit the main part of Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and Joint Security Area (JSA) in 1 day
- JSA (including Panmunjom): the only area in DMZ where South and North Korean forces stand face-to-face
- The 3rd Tunnel: the most threatening tunnel North Korea had built to invade South Korea
- Dorasan Observatory: take in a view of North Korea
▷Get to know more about interesting Korean history with the tour guide

1. If your nationality is one of the following countries, you cannot join this tour.
: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan and Syria
2. Children under 11 years old are not allowed to join the tour.
3. Korean who holds a Korean passport cannot join this tour.
4. If you are an overseas resident who holds a Korean passport, please send us a copy of ‘Certificate of Overseas Koreans registration’ issued by Korean consulate at least 4 days before the tour date.


7:50amMeet at JoonngAng Tour Office in President Hotel (3rd floor)
8:10amDepart from President Hotel
Arrive at the Imjingak Park
9:20amDepart from Imjingak Park
9:30am~10:30amTour to the 3rd tunnel
10:40am~11:00amTour to Dora Observatory
11:10am~11:30amTour to Dorasan Station
11:40am~11:50amPass by Unification Village
12:00pm~1:40pmLunch/Do the sight of Imjingak Park
1:50pmDepart for Unification Bridge
2:00pmArrive at Camp Bonifas
2:30pmReceive a briefing at Camp Bonifas
2:50pm~4:10pmTour to Panmunjom
4:30pmPass through Unification Bridge
5:30pmArrive at Lotte Hotel KAL Limousine Station (Myeongdong)

*Tour schedule and arrival time is subject to change (be cancelled) due to the traffic conditions and military reasons.

Checklist for booking
1. All the participants must type in their passport information on the booking page. This is to make a list of visitors and submit it to the authorized office before visiting (mandatory).
2. If your nationality is one of the following countries, please send a copy of your passport to at least 4 days before the tour day.
Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Myanmar, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Palestinian Authority, People’s Republic of China, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somalia, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen.

Since JSA Panmunjom tour takes place at a spot where South and North Korea co-exist, the followings should be kept in mind.

1. You must carry your PASSPORT on the day of the tour.
- Without it, you may not participate in this tour. The Korean army will check your ID and if you do not have your ID, you may be prohibited to enter DMZ. Even after sending the information for booking, you will be asked to show your actual passport before entering DMZ.
2. Dress code: the followings are NOT allowed
- Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, T-shirts (must be collared shirts), leather pants or skirt, short pants, worn or faded jeans, transparent clothes, tight fitting clothes (leggings or skinny jeans), military uniform style clothes, training wear
- Backless slippers, flip flops
3. Any equipment, microphones or flags belonging to the communist side in the mac conference room are not to be touched.
4. Do not speak with, make any gesture toward or in any way, approach or respond to personnel from the other side.

How to book

1. Complete your booking.
2. Check your email.
3. Enjoy it.

*Check if you need to send a copy of your passport (indicated in the overview) and send it to if necessary.

keep in mind

1. Please make sure you arrive at 7:50am at JoongAng Tour office in President Hotel (7th floor). President Hotel is near Exit #8 of Euljiro 1-ga station (Subway Line 2).
2. The same price applies for adults and children.


More than 8 business days before the reserved date: 100% refund
6~7 business days before the reserved date: 80% refund
5 business days before the reserved date or less: Non-refundable.

*Please make sure to check the availability with us at least 5 days before the original reserved date if you wish to change the schedule.

NO REFUND cases:
- If you miss the bus, fail to bring the passport, DO NOT comply with the Dress Code or for some other personal reason fail to participate in the tour, you cannot join the tour group and you get no refund.
- In case military or other official considerations prohibit entry into the J.S.A., it is inevitable therefore there’s no refund.
- If the tour is canceled during the tour due to military reasons or other official considerations, there is no refund.
*Tour route and schedule are subject to change or can be canceled without notice whenever there is an official request from United Nations Command.


Q. When can I know the upcoming tour schedule?

UN (United Nations) releases the schedule 4 times a year and each announcement contains schedules for 3 months. For example, the schedule of January to March is announced in the mid of December, April to June in the mid of March, and October to December in the mid of September.

Q. When are the available tour dates?

Tours are available through Tuesday to Friday except when there are scheduled trainings or special meetings. Tours are not available from Saturday to Monday. On average, available tour dates are less than 10 days in a month. Since only a limited number of people can join the tour within the limited time frame, please book fast.

Q. Can I make a reservation at the last minute if there are any availability?

The final list of participants is sent to UN 5 days before the tour and you need to complete your reservation at least 5 days before your visit (But there can be exceptions. Please contact Trazy Crew for details).

Q. Can Korean also join this tour?

This tour program is for foreigners only and Koreans cannot make reservations at Trazy. But Koreans who hold foreign passports can join this tour.

Q. Can children join this tour?

Children under 11 years old are not allowed. Children who are 11 years old or older pay the same amount of fees as adults.

Q. What if the tour is cancelled before the departure?

In this case, you will receive a full refund.

Q. Do we take the monorail when entering the 3rd tunnel at DMZ?

Yes, you will take the monorail to enter the 3rd tunnel at DMZ.

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