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Ocean World All Inclusive Package

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Wed & Fri - 3:00pm
Minimum Pax
1 Person
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Meet Location

  • Saebyeol Hangeul Seoye in Insadong


  • Use of writing brush/ink/inkstone
  • Traditional paper
  • 2-hour lesson

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2019-07-10 22:32
This was really fascinating. I had a really great teacher, she was patient, she was detailed, and she didn’t miss one mistake. But when she saw them she explain to me how to correct it… There was a lot of practice involved. I was really excited to learn how to hold the brush correctly, to get the practice to learn it correctly. By the end I was feeling pretty confident… If I lived here in Korea, I would take more lessons from her. She actually help me really understand The Korean alphabet.
2019-04-21 22:08
We had a wonderful time at this class. Our instructor was so knowledgeable about her craft and showed us great kindness and patience. We wish we could speak Korean so we could have a more in depth conversation about calligraphy. The class itself is very relaxing and we were able to leave with some lovely souvenirs that will be treasured (our names written in Hangul). I would highly recommend this activity, it’s a great way to relax and step away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The insa-dong location is handy and the instructions and photographs of how to find the place were helpful.
2019-03-04 12:37
I really loved my class. I was by myself, and the teacher took really good care of me. She was talkative, attentive and encouraging. As I’m living in Korea, I’m sure I’ll visit her class again for another lesson.
2018-02-16 21:18
I found it very meditative and I felt great for having been focused on a task that made me forget about my phone for a couple of hours! I loved it absolutely and would like to learn from the teacher again. It would have been much better too if I could learn another font or form but I know it would need more time. The teacher really caught how inconsistent I was with my spacing that I’ve become more conscious and more mindful of how I’m brushing. I’d probably take a formal class with her if I’m living in Seoul. Her precision really got me and I learned too how the traditional ink is made and it would probably take half a day at least to include ink making! Totally a must-try especially for calligraphy and art enthusiasts!
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Experience the beauty and art of traditional Korean calligraphy!

If you ever wanted to learn how to write traditional Korean calligraphy, this is the perfect class for you. On this 2-hour class, you will have fun learning the basics of how to prepare the ink, brush, paper, and learn how to softly stroke with the brush for you to write beautifully.

Why this class?
▷Beginner lesson for people with no pervious experience
▷Learn how to write your name in Korean and take your writing home as a souvenir
▷Class taught by a Korean calligraphy master in the traditional area of Insadong
▷Perfect experience for calligraphy enthusiasts

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