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Ocean World All Inclusive Package

Basic Information

Every day
Minimum Pax
1 Person
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Meet Location

  • Running Man Theme Park/Poopoo Land


  • Entrance ticket to Running Man Theme Park (optional)
  • Entrance ticket to Poopoo Land (optional)

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2020-01-04 22:44
Very busy, but great fun for all ages! Some challenges too (like hanging on for 30 seconds)! Highly recommend.
2019-12-28 13:03
The theme park is located a short walk from the metro station. The entire theme park is not big but the activities available are fun and engaging. We spent an hour at the theme park as you need to complete all the activities within an hour. Overall, this theme park is suitable for both children and adults. Do be there early as the place can be crowded at the later part of the day.
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▷Running Man Theme Park & Poopoo Land is closed until Jul 23.


Become the 8th member of Running Man and learn all about poo in a fun way!

If you are a fan of Running Man, visit Running Man Theme Park and experience Running Man by completing tasks and collecting R-Points. In addition, have you ever been to a theme park that is based on poo? Poopoo Land is a theme park where you can learn how food gets digested into poo in a clean and fun way. Get rid of your dirty stereotypes and enjoy a laughter packed day going through obstacles and taking funny photos.

Why this ticket?
▷The first Running Man-themed attraction where you can experience various missions
▷Earn a running man badge and a certificate by collecting more than 80 R-Points
▷Poopoo Photo Zone: take hilarious photos with funny poo and toilet 3D paintings and installations
▷Digestion Maze: learn about your digestive organs while making your way through the esophagus, stomach and intestines-themed obstacle maze
▷Enjoy both indoor theme parks all in one day at a discounted price (optional)

[Opening Hours]
Every day: 11:00am~6:00pm
*Last admission: 5:00pm

[Running Man Theme Park Map]

A. Running Man Beginner: learn to collect R-points
B. Run & Run: move your legs as fast as possible to get R-points
C. Jump Rope: jump with the lighting signs
D. Squat Maze: crouch down and find R-points in the maze
E. Dark Maze: find a way through the darkness
F. Ball Throwing: show the best teamwork with your teammates
G. Scream: shout out loud as much as you can and get the point
H. Touch the Nametags: find the glowing nametags
I. Where’s R-Mons?: solve the picture puzzle to find the R-Mon that you’re looking for
J. Ring Hanging: push yourself to the limit of your physical endurance
K. Tap Tap: tap the buttons as fast as you can for R-points
L. Mirror Maze: find the last hidden R-point in the room of mirror

How to book

  • 1. Complete your booking.
  • 2. Check your email.
  • 3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

1. Children under the height of 110cm are allowed to enter the venue but the use of certain attractions may be restricted due to safety reasons.
2. Children who are younger than 13 years old should be accompanied by an adult.
3. Please be careful not to get injured by the attraction structures. The theme park is not responsible for any accidents caused by customer carelessness.
4. You cannot reenter the theme park once you exit the space.
5. There may be a waiting line for the entry during weekends and public holidays.
6. Please keep valuables in the locker before your entry. The theme park is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
7. Wearing comfortable clothes are recommended.
8. Baby strollers are not allowed inside the venue.
9. No food or drinks are allowed.
10. Pregnant women, elderly, and people with disabilities may be restricted from using some attractions due to safety reasons. Please contact the theme park prior to the visit.


All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST) (GMT + 9 hours)
3 days before the reserved date: 100% refund
2 days before the reserved date: 50% refund
1 day before the reserved date or less: Non-refundable
*If you would like to reschedule your reservation, please check the availability with us at least 3 days before the original reserved date (no later than 5:00pm KST).