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Basic Information

Dec 30 & 31, 2017
Minimum Pax
1 Person
3 days in advance
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Meet Location

  • Gocheok Sky Dome
  • Myeongdong Station (optional) SOLD OUT
  • Hongik University Station (optional) SOLD OUT


  • 1 concert ticket at a designated area
  • Photography on stage
  • Autographed BIGBANG poster
  • Waiting room photography (lucky draw) SOLD OUT
  • Autographed album (lucky draw) SOLD OUT
  • BIGBANG Polaroid picture (lucky draw) SOLD OUT
  • Round-trip transportation (optional) SOLD OUT
  • BIGBANG official light stick (optional) SOLD OUT
  • Tour & Lunch at YG Entertainment (optional) SOLD OUT
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Book ASAP! Standard Package Zone A-4 & A-5 Tickets are available with limited stock.


Enjoy the grand finale of the year at BIGBANG concert!

BIGBANG is coming to make your year end unforgettable on Dec 30 & 31, 2017! Watch their amazing performance and feel the vibe, take photos on stage before the show and get a poster with their signatures on.

Why this ticket?
▷Standing A Zone tickets available, which are close to the main stage (limited tickets available)
▷An autographed BIGBANG poster given per purchased ticket
▷Chance for on-stage photography given per purchased ticket
▷Drawing events with prizes of autographed album, Polaroid picture - Only for Early Bird ticket holders (SOLD OUT)
▷Option for tour & lunch at YG Entertainment - Only for Early Bird ticket holders (SOLD OUT)

*T.O.P is not performing at this concert.

BIGBANG 2017 Concert: Last Dance in Seoul
DateDecember 30 & 31 (Sat & Sun), 2017
*Ticket pick up: 11:00am~
*Lining up for entry: 2:00pm~
*Entry to venue: 3:00pm~
VenueGocheok Sky Dome

How to book

  • 1. Complete your booking.
  • 2. Check your email.
  • 3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

As an officially authorized platform, Trazy ONLY SELLS the tickets and packages YG Entertainment has arranged. Please note Trazy does not hold responsibility for pricing of these tickets and packages, the product contents, and any local situations at the concert.

1. This show is for 7 years old or older. Those under 7 years old will not be allowed even if they are accompanied by adults.
2. The standing zone audience will enter the venue in the order of the admission numbers. Please note you will find your admission number on your ticket that you will pick up at the ticket booth on the day of the event. Your admission number is not the assigned seat number.
3. Reselling or transferring of tickets is strictly prohibited. The event organizers, affiliates, and agencies are not responsible for any tickets bought from an unauthorized third party.
4. We do not recommend Standing Zone to the elderly, pregnant women and persons with health problems. If you have any pre-existing health issues, please consult with your doctor before booking and let us know. The organizer, artists, affiliates, and agencies will not be responsible for any health problems and injuries that occur during the concert.
5. The show can be canceled without prior notice due to natural disasters or organizer’s circumstances, in which case the total amount of tickets will be refunded without the cancellation fee.

[Ticket pick up]
1. Please pick up your ticket at the ticket booth on the day. The ticket booth is open from 11am until the concert starts (subject to change).
2. The confirmation email from Trazy and a valid photo ID are required to pick up the tickets. All participants must bring a valid ID (passport or foreign registration card) for verification. If you fail to present a valid photo ID or an ID that does not have necessary information for verification, you will not receive your ticket and no refund will be issued.
3. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets cannot be reissued. The event organizers, affiliates, and agencies will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged tickets.

1. Standing zone audience will begin lining up in the order of the admission number from 4 hours prior to the show, according to the instructions of usher/staff and signage. After waiting, the audience will be assisted to move to the entrance gate, and begin entering 3 hours prior to the show. (Opening hours can be changed depending on the circumstances on site).
2. Around the time show starts, the entrance may be restricted due to the production related issues. Also, the entrance may be delayed due to the crowd of audiences at the entrance gate, which may affect entering the venue on time. Please note that no refund will be issued due to these reasons. Nonetheless, please make sure to line up in front of the entrance gate in advance.
3. If you arrive at the venue after the admissions have started, or have left from the entry line during the admission, your admission number will become invalid and you will not be able to enter the venue according to your original admission number. You will only be able to enter the venue after everyone in the entry line has entered, so please make sure to arrive the venue at least 4 hours prior to the show.
4. If you wish to re-enter the venue during the show, you will only be able to enter the back area of a designated section. Please be advised that you will NOT be able to return to your original place (where you originally stood before leaving the venue).

[Filming Notice]
1. Multiple cameras are installed at the concert venue for filming to produce an official DVD, which may cause inconvenience for watching the show and your face might be featured in the DVDs.
2. Any action that infringes a copyright is strictly prohibited during the show, including photographing, voice or video recording, or live-streaming. If caught, any of the recorded/filmed materials will be deleted on site, and the person can be removed from the venue without any refund.
3. Video services can be available for purchase later through online channels (e.g. Naver apps).

1. We advise audiences to avoid wearing any high heeled shoes as they may hurt their ankles or hurt other audiences. Please wear comfortable shoes to the show for safe and convenient viewing of the show.
2. Please bring PET bottled water with a lid to prevent dehydration while watching the show.
3. The visibility of the show might be limited depending on concert production, the area of viewing, height of audiences, and more, and audiences will NOT be able to exchange and refund due to those reasons.
4. All audiences are advised to avoid relying on railings for safety.
5. Usage of any item for better visibility in the Standing Zone (i.e. folding chair, etc.) is strictly prohibited as it might distract other audiences’ visibility and might cause falling accidents.
6. Luminous hair bands are NOT advised to protect sight and view of the audiences behind.
7. If you are standing near the stage, please be careful of special effects. (firecrackers, gunpowder, and concussion, etc.)
8. Leaving the venue will be proceeded according to the instructions of staff and announcements for safety reasons.
9. Please wear warm clothes on the day as there is no separate indoor waiting area.

[Rules and regulations]
1. There may be a security bag search upon entering the venue.
2. Only PET water bottle with a lid is allowed to bring inside the venue
3. Prohibited items:
- Items that may be a threat to others (weapons, firecrackers, flagpoles, etc.)
- Cans, glass bottles, plastic cups, etc. (all except PET water bottle)
- DSLR and/or professional cameras with telephoto lens, and video recording cameras (All device except personal cellphone)
- Laser / laser pen
4. If any prohibited item is found inside the venue, the possessor will be removed from the venue without any refund. The item will not be returned to the possessor.


All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST) (GMT + 9 hours)
Until Nov 30, 2017: 100% refund
From Dec 1, 2017: Non-refundable