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PLAY KPOP Museum Ticket

$12 USD


Every day from 9:00am

Minimum Pax

1 Person


3 hours


1 day in advance




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  • PLAY K-POP Museum Jeju
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Adult (18+) $15 $12
Youth (13~18) $13 $10
Child (3~12) $12 $8
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PLAY K-pop is a fun museum in Jeju Island where K-pop music meets cutting edge digital technologies to give you the most realistic and entertaining K-pop experience possible.

As the first museum dedicated to K-pop, PLAY K-pop provides a variety of unique and exciting attractions to the visitors including:

- Digital Photo Booth: Take fun pictures with your favorite K-pop celebrities.
- Star Van: Go on a drive with your favorite star.
- Star Magic House: Have an oil painting portrait drawn with the star in real time.
- Star Window: Ring the bell of the star’s house. You will be greeted by someone special and you can take pictures together.
- Star Magic Bench: While you take a rest on the bench, a celebrity will appear. Enjoy this intimate secret date with your star.
- Star Toy House: Become a miniature with the star inside the star’s mini toy house. Enjoy your date with the star in six differently themed rooms.
- Star Street: Pose for different photos on Star Street where your favorite stars are waiting for you
- Star Paparazzi: Can you imagine yourself with a top star on the front page of today’s tabloid? Paparazzi shots of you and the star will be shown on magazine covers and bus station ads.

- Famous Live Hologram Concert (30 mins): A 3D virtual concert where you can meet the stars right in front of you as if you’re in an actual live concert.
Currently on Air: Psy (Gangnam style, Gentleman), G-dragon (Crooked, Heartbreaker, Crayon, Who You?), Big Bang (Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy), 2NE1 (Fire, I Am the Best) and Rainbow (A, Tell Me Tell Me)
- Live 360 3D Theater (5 mins): Go on a trip to lively city by running around and flying over with Psy.

- Music Recording Studio: Sing together with the original artists. Make a debut album featuring your favorite artist.
- Star Dress Room: Where you can see the actual costumes and items.
- Star Fitting Room: Try on special stage costumes of celebrities in the Star Dress Room. You can virtually try on the actual concert costumes of the artists.
- Star Makeup Room: Get a glamorous celebrity make over. You can choose from a variety make-up styles such as smoky eyes, glittering and tattoos.
- Dance Stage: This is a dream stage where you become a K-pop star. Show them your dance moves on your debut.
- Dance Room: Learn how to dance to K-pop. Your avatar will dance on the main stage.
- Chromakey Music Video Room: Choose from a variety of backgrounds and make-up styles in the real time chromakey karaoke. You can download your music video via mobile phone.

Play K-pop Shop
The gift shop in PLAY K-pop offers exclusive souvenirs and goods of Korean celebrities including Kim Soo-hyun and G-Dragon.


Adult (18 years old~): $15$12 USD
Youth (13~17 years old):$13$10 USD
Child (3~12 years old):$12$8 USD
- Play Kpop 3-hour Pass

How to book

1. Complete your booking.
2. Check your email.
3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

- You can use all the facilities in the museum for 3 hours with the pass.
- You need the barcode on the ticket to use the attractions so don't lose it.
- The content of the hologram concert may change time to time.


1 day before the reserved date: non-refundable.

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