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Best Art Galleries in Seoul

Daelim Museum 대림미술관

Designed by French architect Vincen Cornu in 2002. The museum’s façade represents Korean traditional textile patterns (bojagi). Mostly holds big exhibitions. A special coffee shop called "D Lounge" is located right next to the main building.


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 국립현대미술관 서울관

Relatively new art museum in Seoul. Opened in 2013, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) brings you to new designers' art pieces and works.


Seoul Museum of Art 서울시립미술관

One of the most museums by Koreans. Located right next to the romantic road by the stone wall (Jeongdong-gil), Seoul Museum of Art shows fruitful exhibitions.


Horim Art Center 호림아트센터

Located in the rich neighborhood of Gangnam, Horim Art Center exhibits more than 10,000 Korean traditional pottery and earthenware such as Goryeo celadon.


Leeum (Samsung Museum of Art) 리움미술관

The largest private art gallery founded by the Samsung Foundation in 2004. Known for its three architectural buildings that compose the museum all designed by three different worldly famous architects. Boasts a wide selection of art pieces from Korean traditional & modern art and international contemporary art.


Gansong Art Museum 간송미술관

The first private art gallery that opened in 1971 in Seoul. The owner Gansong (pen name) fought to collect and preserve Korean art and cultural property during the Japanese colonial period. Only opens twice a year (May and October), each for two weeks.


Kyung In Museum of Fine Art 경인미술관

The first Hanok (Korean traditional house) art museum in Korea located in Insadong. It usually exhibits art works of Korean artists. Also known for its traditional tea house "Jeontong."


Zaha Museum 자하미술관

The highest art gallery in Seoul, a hidden spot located in Buamdong (the location where Korean Drama Coffee Prince was shot). A great place to enjoy beautiful natural scenery of the mountains as well.


Gana Art Center 가나아트센터

Designed by the world famous architect Jean Michel Wilmotte, Gana Art Center is a total cultural complex that shows art works, performances and experimental movies.