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Secret places known only to the residents in Jeju

Lee Jung Seop Street 이중섭거리

An artsy street dedicated to Korean artist Lee Jung Seop. Seowipo Art Market opens every Saturday and Sunday, offering peculiar artworks of Korean artists.


Geonchuk Cafe Utopia 건축카페유토피아

An architectural cafe situated in the artsy Lee Jung Seop street. It looks like a wood work studio at a first glance. Enjoy a coffee and its unique structure.


1,100 High Ground 천백고지

It is the highest highland in Korea. You can see the rocks in fantastic shapes and the top of Mt. Halla. Also, it's very famous for the red leaves foliage in autumn and the white snow view in winter.


Mulyeongari Oreum 물영아리 오름

An Oreum (mountainous hill) known for its wetland. Use the stairs to climb up the oreum and feel the fresh air.


Island Factory 아일랜드 팩토리

You can enjoy the beautiful night view of Iho beach, which is the nearest beach from Jeju airport, as well as nice coffee and dessert they provide.


Deoreok branch school 더럭분교

A famous place for a prominent French designer Jean Philippe Lenclos's work and as a ad location for Samsung GALAXY NOTE smartphone. The rainbow colored school makes it you feel like you're returning to the innocence of childhood.


Yongyeon Bridge 용연다리

After the sunset, many streetlamps along the street, colorful lights on the bridge, a graceful gazebo and a steep cliff are in harmony, creating a fantastic scenery.


Yeonhwamot Pond 연화못

It's a lotus pond which has the best scenery in July and August.Also the gazebo in middle of the lotus pond and is perfectly harmonized with the willow.


From Deoreok 프롬더럭

This cafe that is located near the Deoreok branch school and Yeonhwamot pond. You can take a delightful break with drinks, looking out at the lotus pond.