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6 Best Cafes in Jeju Island With Killer Views

From stylish and hip designer cafe restaurants to original and quaint cafes, there are plenty of places to enjoy a cup of coffee in Jeju Island. To help you decide where to go, Trazy has handpicked six top-notch cafes with killer views of Jeju Island's stunning ocean vistas. Found your fave? Drop by the place. Sit back and watch the legendary sunset as you sip your espresso or your Mojito.

Top 20 Must Visits for your first time in Jeju

These 20 travel destinations are the most "Jejuish" places both Jeju people and travelers love. All the destinations are based on beautiful natural sights. When you walk around these places, you will be able to feel the genuine Jeju Island. There's no place in Jeju that you shouldn't leave out but these are the seven destinations that you must visit for your first time trip in Jeju Island.

Must-Go Spots in East Jeju

Jeju Island, an island located in south-west of the Korean Peninsula, is filled with beautiful natural landscape received as a gift from nature. The island has been selected as one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World." Jeju Island is commonly divided into Jeju-si, Seogwipo-si, and the eastern and western regions. The eastern region of Jeju has many famous places such as Geomun Oreum, Manjanggul lave caves and the Saryeoni forest trail, which are not to be missed. Among its beaches, the wide, sandy Woljeongri Beach adds to the elegance of Jeju travel. Here, we have selected best must-go spots, from natural scenery and theme parks to cafes and restaurants.

Best Experiences to Do in Jeju Island

Thanks to Jeju's vast and rich nature scenery and a mild coastal climate, outdoor activities have been a part of the culture since long time ago. Here are the most renowned experiences offered in Jeju.

Enjoy the beautiful night in Jeju

The night is not only beautiful but long in Jeju. These are the best places to visit at night. They not only provide the view, but also the lively activities!

Muslim-Friendly Seafood & Vegan Restaurants in Jeju Island

Heads up, Muslim and vegetarian travelers to Jeju Island! Here's a great selection featuring restaurants that serve halal food, exquisite seafood and healthy vegan meals. Now that there's a wide range of options for you to choose from, hope this will make dining much easier for you. Eat healthy and enjoy your trip!

Top Korean Celebrity-Owned Restaurants & Cafes

Today, Korean celebrities are not just acting, singing, and dancing on TV, but they are also running restaurants and cafes! Korean entertainment companies like SM, YG, JYP, and Sidus HQ have turned their heads to food service business, too. Thanks to their popularity and reputation, these celebrities-owned restaurants and cafes are always crowded with fans. Along with cafes run by G-Dragon and Yoo Ah-in, here’s the ultimate list of celebrity-owned restaurants and cafes!

Best 9 Must-Eat Local Dishes in Korea

When you travel Korea, you may hear Korean people saying “You should eat this or that when you go there,” because many regions in Korea have their indigenous dishes. As those dishes got popular, people started to run branches in other regions, but the original dishes have something that can’t be tasted in other areas. So, when you visit those regions mentioned below, take your time to visit these restaurants and enjoy the food that made the region so famous!

Enjoy Korea's real autumn in Jeju

Jeju has a lot of attractions as the season changes. The autumn/fall foliage is a great scenery in Jeju which has a lot of amazing nature attractions. Let’s go on to a trip to enjoy the eulalia and the autumn colors.

Best 10 Traditional Markets in Jeju

From clothes, food, accessories to stock, crops, seafood, Jeju has traditional markets that can only be found here. There is nothing which doesn't exist in these traditional markets. You can feel Jeju's real atmosphere in this theme.

Must Visit Places in North Jeju

Jeju-si, the northern part of Jeju Island, is where main sightseeing attractions are, such as Mt. Hallasan, the highest holy mountain in South Korea, Dragon Head Rock, and Iho Taewoo Beach, a paradise for leisure sports. Visit Jeju-si, where you can start the day off with a Jeju morning that often begins shrouded in fog, which can fill you with life and freedom and make you realize that you are far away from your city and daily life.

Beautiful Beaches in Jeju Island

Jeju Island (Jejudo), dubbed "Korea's Hawaii," is one of Korea's most popular tourist destinations, largely thanks to its beautiful scenery and unique island culture. The island's exotic charms make it a favored honeymoon and getaway destination for Koreans and travelers. Here are the best beaches around Jeju Island.