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Best 9 Must-Eat Local Dishes in Korea

Incheon China Town 인천 차이나타운

Jjajangmyeon, a noodle with fermented soybean sauce, is a popular Chinese food in Korea. Korean style Jjajangmyeon was started from the China town in Incheon and it is known for plenty of seafood and vegetables in the dish.


Tongnamu House Dakgalbi 통나무집 닭갈비

Chuncheon is famous for Dakgalbi. Dakgalbi is a spicy stir-fried chicken with various items from chopped vegetable to noodle. You can also order spicy cold noodle called ‘Makkuksu’to catch greasiness of Dakgalbi.


Hankookkwan 한국관

Bibimbap, a rice bowl mixed with vegetable, is available anywhere in Korea. Jeonju Bibimbap is special because they put sliced raw beef, well-grown bean sprouts, and a raw egg yolk, which create rich and savory taste.


Kabojung Galbi 가보정갈비

Galbi, a grilled marinated beef, has been beloved for its sweet and salty taste. Galbi in Suwon is famous for its big size, which is about 4 inch long.


Twin Pork Soup (쌍둥이 돼지국밥)

Dwaejigookbab, known as Busan's local dish, is a rich pork soup with a bowl of rice. To make a deep rich flavor of the soup, chunks of pork are boiled with various ingredients for more than one day.


Imun Seolnongtang 이문설농탕

Originated in Seoul during Josun dynasty, Seolnongtang is a milky-white soup made by boiling the bones of beef for a long time. Opened in 1904, Imun Seolnongtang has been serving its hearty Seolnongtang for nearly a hundred years.


Neulbom 늘봄

In Neulbom, located in Jeju, you can have a grilled chopped pork that is chewy and soft. Some people say black pork in Jeju is much better than beef.


Andong Jjimdak street 안동 찜닭 거리

Jjimdak, a spicy steamed chicken with noodle and vegetable, was originated around 1980 in local markets in Andong city, Korea. Jjimdak is slightly spicy, salty, and sweet, beloved by every Korean.


Deokinkwan 덕인관

Tteokgalbi, Damyang regional dish, is a Korean style Hamburg steak, marinated in Korean soy sauce. This place has been known as the original restaurant that started making Tteokgalbi.