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Enjoy Ice Skating in Seoul's Ice Rinks

Olympic Park Ice Skating Rink 올림픽공원 아이스 스케이트 링크

"Olympic Park Ice Rink" is an outdoor rink that opens every winter. It is located in Peace Plaza of the park. The rink’s facilities include a rest area, skate rental office, shops, and snack bars all located near the outdoor ice skating rink. Take a stroll down at the park and enjoy skating at the ice rink as well!


Lotte World Ice Rink 롯데월드 아이스링크

"Lotte World Ice Rink" is open for visitors all year round. Lotte World Ice Rink is a best dating place for young couples who want to enjoy indoor ice skating under the moving lights and the romantic atmosphere of the theme park.


Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink 그랜드하얏트 서울 아이스링크

"Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Skating Rink" is the most romantic place for couples who want to enjoy dating on the ice rink. This outdoor ice rink opens up around at the end of November! Go and enjoy ice skating at a beautiful ice rink in Grand Hyatt where you can look out to the panoramic night view of Seoul!


Sangam MBC Ice Rink 상암 MBC 스케이트장

"Sangam MBC Ice Rink" is located right outside the headquarters of the famous broadcasting stations. It opens from late December to February and can accommodate up to 400 skaters at once!


Yeouido Hangang Park Ice Skating Rink 한강시민공원 여의도스케이트장

Used a swimming pool in the summer and transformed into an ice rink in the winter, the Yeouido Hangang Park Ice Skating Rink is the perfect place for leisure skating! You can skate for 90 minutes for only 1,000 KRW!


Mokdong Ice Rink 목동 아이스링크

This massive rink was built to international standards for holding national and international competitions, so it can hold up to 1000 skaters at a time! You can also learn to speed skate or play ice hockey besides just figure skating!