Gangnam station area 강남역
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The facts
Gangnam station area represents "Gangnam", the southern part of Seoul. Yes, it's the gangnam from Psy's worldly famous song "Gangnam style".
This area stretches from Gangnam station of subway line 2 to Sinnonhyeon station of subway line 9.
It's filled with all kinds of entertainment such as restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, shops and movie theaters.
The night is forever young in Gangnam and you can easily see young people wandering around especially on Fridays and the weekends.
강남역 821-1 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Recent reviews
More enjoyable with
Family 9.09%
Friends 54.55%
Partners 18.18%
Alone 18.18%
Ekatherina Z
Area, like everywhere. Just more tidy and strict about rules. Nothing special. Many skyscrapers and hotels around.
Michelle G
It's a really crowded area and the prices tend to be kind of high. Good for a visit every here and then but trust me, you don't wanna live here.
Angga S
As people know, rich people area. Not necessary go there if you just wanna go shopping or hangout, there are other good places like Sinchon or Myeongdong
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