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Top Korean Celebrity-Owned Restaurants & Cafes

Samgeori Pujutgan (YG restaurant) 삼거리 푸줏간

With an open kitchen and walls covered with graffiti, this is a hip, stylish Korean barbecue restaurant owned by YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk.



YG Republique, located in the Yeouido IFC mall, is a place combining a cafe, pub and barbeque. Customers will be able to enjoy everything from a casual brunch to a glass of "YG Beer" or a delicious beef barbeque while listening to and watching music videos from the company's artists.


Mouse Rabbit Underground 마우스래빗 언더그라운드

Run by a member of Korean male idol group called 'Super Junior', Yesung, this is his second cafe that is situated in Seochon Village, an old neighborhood that has modern cafes, boutiques, and dining places hidden around the alleyways.


TMI 티엠아이

Owned by Yoo Ah-In, is a newly opened stylish casual dining pub in Itaewon. If you visit T.M.I, try its signature menu, Mushroom Burger!


Nerd on Earth 너드바

Nerd on Earth, or Nerd Bar, is a hip rooftop bar owned by Im Seulong, a member of a K-Pop male group called '2AM', located in a hot neighborhood in Seoul, Itaewon.


LUA Lounge Bar 루아 라운지바

Run by a famous Korean actor, Yoo Yeon Seok, who featured in the television series 'Reply 1994', LUA Lounge Bar features warm, vintage interiors, mood lighting and a great ambiance for drinking!


Studio Concrete 스튜디오 콘크리트

If you are a fan of Yoo Ah-in, a Korean actor, visit Studio Concrete! A vintage, creative cultural complex, it is where art gallery café, workshop, and a terrace are all in one place.


Yummy Kampong (Dongdaemun) 야미캄퐁 (동대문)

Yummy Kampong is one of the very few Singaporean restaurants in Korea, owned by Jang Suwon of SECHSKIES, a representative 1st generation Kpop idol boyband. If you're lucky, you'll be served by Jang Suwon and get a chance to take a photo with him. His mother is always at the restaurant to serve and make friendly conversations with the customers.


Grill5taco 그릴파이브타코

One of the Grill5taco branches is in Cheongdam area, which is owned by a K-pop star, Donghae (Super Junior). Here, you can meet fusion Korean-Mexican style tacos and Kimchi quesadillas.


Pinci Caffe Espresso 핀치 카페

A cafe owned by a member of South Korean R&B duo 'Fly to the Sky', Hwanhee where you can enjoy premium Italian coffee and delicious brunch menus.


Cafe Dudart with AOMG 두다트 AOMG 카페

One of the many Cafe Dudart branches around Korea, this particular branch in Apgujeong is owned by Jay Park of AOMG. Customers can enjoy a variety of different drinks, desserts and even light meals in this venue. Photos of Jay Park and the other AOMG artists are also displayed around the cafe and merchandise is available to buy as well, making for a great experience for fans.,


The Min's 더민스

A nice cozy cafe located in Apgujeong owned by 2AM Changmin. Known for offering organic fruit juices.


La Terrace 라 테라스

To be exact, La Terrace is run by Sidus HQ, which is an entertainment company with popular singers and actors, such as Kim Woo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung. It is a great place to enjoy European cuisine, coffee and wine.


The Street 더 스트릿

Heard about a brunch cafe and a bistro run by JYP entertainment? One nearby JYP entertainment office building and the other branch is located in Itaewon area. Sometimes, an interview or a meeting by JYP (Jin Young Park) and the stars and celebrities under the JYP entertainment label are held at this cafe.


SMT Seoul

SMT Seoul, located in Cheongdam-dong in Seoul, is a stylish and hip dining complex run by SM Entertainment. With 5 stories, each floor features its own unique and creative concept and theme.


20 Space - The Mint Universe 20 스페이스

Located on the first floor of the Cube Entertainment building, 20 Space - The Mint Universe is a cafe run by the agency. The space is large, airy and open with a video projector playing music videos from Cube artists, as well as a display of merchandise such as photos, hats, mugs, and more!


Cafe Aewol Monsant 카페 애월 드 몽상

A newly opened café run by G-Dragon (GD) from Big Bang in Jeju Island. Sit out at the terrace, where you can a great ocean view lays out before your eyes.