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Fat Girl's Fab Finds #icytreats in Seoul

Softree Garosugil 소프트리 가로수길

The original real honey soft ice cream store that started the new soft ice cream buzz in Korea. It's a must eat item if you would like to try a more high end soft ice cream.



A unique soft ice cream place in Garosugil. They offer super unique toppings such as honey caviar, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, mango syrup, cotton thunder, macaron, hazelnut crumble, honey chip, french crepe and more.


Brick Pop 브릭팝

Selling gourmet ice lollies, Brick Pop is a popsicle like you have never had before. Every bite is filled with fruity bursts of flavor and you will want to savor every lick.


Swi:t B 스윗비

Luxury Ice-cream shop specializing in their whole milk natural ice cream. Comes with an array of different sauces and toppings.


Fell + Cole Jongno

A gourmet and innovative ice cream extravaganza. It has flavors like banana cotton candy, Chinese five spice squash, and lemon olive oil as well as all your favorite flavors that you know and love. Flavors change daily, so check their facebook page for the day's menu.


Sweetruck 스위트럭

Premium soft ice cream cafe specializing in the famous honey chip ice cream which is immensely popular at the moment. Choose from chocolate, vanilla or mix and have it served in a cup or cone.


Coffee Chu 커피츄

Cute coffee shop that specializes in churro ice cream sundaes. Freshly fried churros come with soft serve ice cream and can be drizzled with your favorite sauce.