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Healthy places to eat & dine only in Hongdae, Hapjeong and Sangsu

Daily round(데일리 라운드)

Handmade burger restaurant that uses organic wheat flour and healthy ingredients. Good atmosphere is a plus.


Makguksu natural buckwheat shabu Daegwallyeong(대관령메밀막국수자연샤브샤브)

This place is known for its fresh mushroom that goes into the Shabu-Shabu soup (thinly sliced beef in boiled water) and its large quantity. Of course the quality and taste are guaranteed as well.


You need my yogurt 유니드마이요거트

This is a unique cafe that sells handmade yogurt. The blue and white composition of the yogurt makes it even more delicious.



Flour& is known for baking bread with organic wheat flour, natural yeast and ingredients. The quite atmosphere makes it also a good dating place.


Blue Print(블루프린트)

A take-out juice shop that offers only 100% healthy organic fruit drinks.


Stroll Around Stop 어슬렁 정거장

This restaurant offers organic food, drink and 100% fair trade coffee. The calm music makes the mood quiet and peaceful.


Molly’s Pops 몰리스팝스

Home-made organic ice cream bar/shop famous in Hongdae. The shop is not too big and they offer various and unique flavors including Erdinger Beer, Wine and Makeoglli (rice wine).


Salad Forest 샐러드 숲

This place uses domestic, environment-friendly, distribution of the local food grown in the local area cooking material. The main menu consists of pasta salad, brown rice salad and other similar offerings. The theme of the wood decorated interior is comfortable and clean.