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Where to enjoy Seoul Fireworks Festival

Sayuksin park 사육신 공원

Situated in between Hangang bridge and Norangjin station, you can also enjoy the fireworks and the 63 building skyline here.


Yeouido Hangang Park 여의도 한강 공원

It's the most famous place to watch the show but you need to be aware that it will be the most crowded. The subway may not stop at Yeouinaro station if it gets too crowded. In that case, get off at Yeouido station #3~6 (Line 5), Mapo station #1,4 (Line 5) or Singil #3 (Line 1).


63 Building 63빌딩

Probably the most expensive but quiet place to watch the show. You will need to eat at one of the prestigious restaurants in this building which may cost at least 20,000 won per person. But a more calm and nice environment is guaranteed.


Seonyudo Park 선유도공원

You will be able to see the fireworks at a distance, but this island park will also be crowded. If the island seems too full, you can go to the Yanghwa bridge nearby.


Nodeul Island 노들섬

An uninhabited island but a great place to watch the fireworks. Since it's also known as the spot to watch the fireworks, it will be crowded.


Ichon Hangang Park 이촌한강공원

The second most popular place after Yeoudio Hangang Park. The view is superb but it's difficult to go by public transportation.


Namsan Park 남산공원

Because of its central location and altitude, Namsan Park is also known for a great place to watch the fireworks. The view won't be as close as the other places, but if prefer somewhere less crowded, this is the place to be.