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Cat and Dog Cafes in Hongdae

Cafe Gio Cat 카페 지오캣

Opened in March 2006, the cafe has over ten breeds of cats (Russian Blue, Persian, Scottish Fold, and more).


Bauhaus 바우하우스

A fairly known dog cafe located nearby Hapjeong Station. From small to large size dogs, Bauhaus offers a pet hotel for more than 7 days. If you just pay for drinks, you can enjoy patting and playing with these cute dogs the whole day. If you are looking for a fun, exotic date, this is where you should go!


Cheongchun Cat 청춘고양이

A cat cafe located nearby Hongdae playground. It has almost 40 cats and you play with them freely. With only 8,000 KRW, which includes 1 drink, you can touch and pat these lovely, adorable cats all day! If you love cats, visit "Cheongchun Cat"!


Puppy Cafe Sangsang Dabang 상상다방 애견카페

A puppy cafe located nearby Hongik University's main gate. There is no entrance fee, however, each person has to order at least 1 drink. Also, minors could stay for only 2 hours. Come and visit "Cafe Sangsang Dabang," where you can meet various breeds of super cute puppies!


Cats in a Spring Day 봄날의 고양이

A cat cafe located behind YZ Park building in Hongdae. Unlike other ordinary cat cafes, you can meet a cute desert fox only at this place. There are window seats, but not so many, so you can either sit on the floor or huge pillow cushions and play with the cats. Remember that the cafe only accepts cash!


Cats Living 캣츠 리빙

A cozy little cat cafe with about six tables. 1 free drink for each person with an entrance fee.