Top 9 Spots in Busan for the Utlimate Night Views
Some tourists might have their own target such as 'I'm going to eat Busan traditional food' or 'I will visit historical places to know the city better in Busan' to make your trip more precious.
Mine was to watch a night scene from every city I've visited. For those who have the same goal as mine, I put the most prime places related to 'Night view' for you! And for your information, I didn't even look at it if it wasn't free:-P Therefore, I hope you enjoy my lists without any burdens!

Do you want to enjoy a great panoramic view of Busan?
There are countless ways to enjoy the night of Busan, but to save your valuable time, the following list are the places where you can get the greatest night views of Busan.
No other places have a wider variety of views than the ones on this list!
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