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Places to visit in the calm village Yeonnam-dong, Hongdae area

Cafe General Doctor 제너럴닥터

Gerneral Doctor is a clinic and a cafe. If you want to drink coffee or want to get treatment, just go Gerneral Doctor. This cafe also sells dishes. The dish people most like is hamburger steak.


Soi Yeonnam Soi 연남

Soi Yeonnam is one of the exotic restaurants in Yeonnam-dong. It is a Thai restaurant. It is said Soi Yeonnam is one of the best Thai restaurants in Seoul. The famous dish is beef soup noodle.


Himeji 히메지

Himeji is a Japanese restaurant. It is a small restaurant located in the yeonnam street. This restaurant is known for Japanese curry. The price of all menus is very reasonable.


Coyote Saloon 코요테 살룬

Coyote Saloon is a pizza & bar restaurant. You can take a time with your friend at a comfortable atmosphere in Coyote Saloon. The taste of pizza and beer is guaranteed.


Isim 이심

Isim is a small cafe known for Turkish coffee. The owner of the cafe makes all the coffees that are ordered. You can feel this cafe as a cozy and local cafe.


Coffee Libre 커피 리브레

Libre is Yeonnam-dong’s representative cafe. Local people in Yeonnam-dong come and have a coffee from this cafe even though they take it out because no sitting place is availabe. All the coffee menus’ price is 4,000 won.


Salon de Ceylon 실론살롱(ㅅㄹㅅㄹ)

Salon de Ceylon is a small tea room with just three tables and a sitting bar. The macarons and carrot cakes sold in this tea room are all home made. The atmosphere inside is good to take a rest with your company.


Bread Lab 브레드랩

Bread Lab is a bakery that uses no chemical additive. It also sells drink menus. There is enough room and tables to eat bread and drinks at Bread Lab. The best menu here is the milk cream bread.


Pinokio Bookshop 책방 피노키오

Pinokio is a book shop. This shop is famous for selling only graphic novels. You can go inside and can take a look at the books. They are not packed. It is not just for children but also for adults.


Hello Indiebooks 헬로 인디북스

Hello Indie-books is a book shop. Indie-books is like an authentic local book shop in Korea. Indie means that there are books in the book shop that you can not find in other book shops easily. There are many simple but unique books inside.


Place Mak 플레이스막

Place Mak is where you can see art works. If you want to take a rest with good pieces of art in Yeonnam, this is the place to be. It is small but enough to appreciate the art works.


Fabric Shop Baram 천가계 바람

Baram is a shop selling various things. The owner of Baram collected the things from other countries especially Asia when travelling. There are unique kinds of stuffs like dreamcatchers or fabrics in the shop.


Cycle De L'eau 씨클드로

Cycle de l’eau is a shop selling cactuses. There are various shapes of cactuses. And the cactuses range in size from finger-size to about standing adult.


Be New 비뉴

Be new is a soap shop. There are various functional soaps and cute shape of soap like macaron. It also sells fragrant candles. Sometimes it hosts a class making soaps and candles so check its website if you want to join.


Something Out 썸띵아웃

Something out is a camping cafe where you can drink coffee at a camping atmosphere. It also sells many camping equipments. There is just one big table and a stove in the middle, making the cafe more warm and making camping mood.


Neon Moon 네온문

Neon Moon is a shop selling playful and vintage items. There are many character stuffs that you saw in TV cartoons when you were a kid. They have items such as dolls, many decoration things, and even pencil sharpener.


Hyang Mi 향미

Hyang Mi is a Taiwanese restaurant. The main menu are Taiwanese pork cutlet and Uyuktang Noodle. And you can taste Menbosha, a fried shrimp sandwich, which you can not easily find in other chinese restuarants.


HaHa 하하

Haha is a chinese restaurant in Yeonnam-dong. The famous menu in Haha is fried eggplant. Even people who do not like an eggplant also love this dish.