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Opened in 1976, Everland Resort is one of the most popular places in Korea for families, friends, and couples. It has over 40 rides and attractions. In addition to ‘Safari World’ featuring white tigers, tigers, lions and bears, ‘Herbivore Safari’ opened in April 2010, letting visitors get up close and personal with the safari’s giraffes, elephants, and ostriches. Everland is also known for its gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful gardens, which have been year-round fixtures since the Rose Festival in 1985.

Everland consists of 5 unique-themed zones, such as Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia.
T-Express, which is one of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world, offers you a very thrilling experience.

Zootopia section of the park is where guests can find the Safari World and Herbivore Safari. In safari world, white tigers, tigers, lions, and bears roam around freely, providing guests with an up-close look at these amazing creatures. In Herbivore Safari, visitors can even feed some of their favorite animals like elephants, giraffes, camels, and ostriches.

Everland has also recently upgraded its snow sledge facilities, known as the "Snow Buster". This facility can be accessed and enjoyed without the need to purchase an additional ticket apart from the main Everland admission ticket. There is also a separate snow facility, "Münch Kids Sledge", for young children to enjoy sledding, and for the general public, there are the Jungfrau Sledge and the Eiger Sledge.

During special holidays like Chuseok, the park commonly holds special performances and folk plays related to the festival.

*Operating hours vary by month.
199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Phone number
Opening Hours
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
10:00 ~ 22:00
* One-day pass
Daytime: Adults 48,000won / Teenagers 41,000won / Children 38,000won
Nighttime: Adults 40,000won / Teenagers 34,000won / Children 31,000won
* Admission
Daytime: Adults 40,000won / Teenagers 34,000won / Children 31,000won
Nighttime: Adults 32,000won / Teenagers 29,000won / Children 27,000won
For one pass, you can take rides, use the snow buster sledding field and stroll down the romantic illumination park.
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Recent reviews
More enjoyable with
Family 27.27%
Friends 36.36%
Partners 27.27%
Alone 9.09%
Vivian Y
One of Korea's biggest and best amusement parks. Highly recommended to visit even if you don't enjoy amusement park rides.
Joana Y
I loved this place! I was thrilled at the big roller caster!! awsome
Kittipot I
I don't think winter is the best time to go here. But worth for night view.