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1. Enjoy the most amazing natural wonders

Being selected as the New 7 wonders of the World, Jeju Island is full of natural sceneries. Visit the Cheonjiyeon , a scenic pond where 'the sky and the land meet', the breathtaking pillar rock cliff Jusangjeollidae which looks like a piece of art that has been sculpted delicately with a sharp tool, the largest known lava cave in the world created from the eruption of Hallasan Mountain 200~300K years ago, Manjanggul and of course, the crystal clear and peaceful beaches only available in Jeju Island.

Geumneung Beach Geumneung Beach

2. Trek the Hallasan Mountain

Registered as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, this volcanic mountain offers the best trekking courses and natural scenes throughout the four season. There are more than 360 oreums (secondary volcanic cones) such as Yongnuni Oreum around the mountain open for visitors.

Hallasan mountain Hallasan mountain

3. Walk along the Olle trails

Jeju Olle trail is a long walking path which mostly follows the coastline. It consists of 21 main routes that are connected. Follow the blue arrow which represnt the original hiking direction and the orange arrow for the alternative. Why not stay healthy and enjoy traveling at the same time?

Olle trail Olle trail

4. Do something outside

Because of the temperate climate, Jeju Island offers a variety of outdoor activities that you can do. Horses can be seen all around Jeju Island and horse riding is something that shouldn’t be missed. Jeju is also famous for its tasty tangerines and there are farms where you can actually pick them for you to take home.

Don’t forget to drop by a small island right next to Jeju island called Udo, where you can enjoy an exciting ATV ride along the coastline. And ride transparent kayak or water bicycle at the emerald colored Soesokkak Estuary.

Udo island Udo island

5. Visit the exotic museums and parks

As part of its tourist culture, Jeju has a lot of small and big theme museums and parks. Some of the most known ones include Teddy Bear Museum, Love Land, Eco Land, Jeju Folk Village Museum, Hallim Park and more.

Insider Tip!

If you want to feel the real Jeju, stay at a guesthouse rather than a hotel. There are hundreds of great guesthouses that offer the most genuinely local experience.

Love Land Love Land