Sulbing Jongno Branch 설빙 종로점, Korea Restaurant and Cafe


Sulbing Jongno Branch 설빙 종로점
Must Dos in Sunny Korea
The facts
If you feel like the summer heat is intolerable and you already had something to eat but you don't want to have a meal, this place is a perfect fit for you.

Sulbing is franchise dessert brand. This place has recently become a trendy place for desserts in Korea. Sulbing's best seller is bingsu. Bingsu is dessert a that mixes various toppings with iced (milk) snowflake. You can choose from fruits (blueberry, mango, strawberry etc) to red beans for toppings. Feel the wonderful combination of iced milk snowflake with sweet dressing. Seriously it is MAGIC!!
84-1 Jongno 2(i)-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Accepts Credit Card
Main menu
milkpak sulbing (milk&red; bean)
mango cheese sulbing
cheese sulbing
blueberry cheese sulbing
milkpak sulbing (milk&red; bean) - 7000won
mango cheese sulbing,blueberry cheese sulbing - 9500won
cheese sulbing - 9000won
Recent reviews
More enjoyable with
Family 25%
Friends 41.67%
Partners 25%
Alone 8.33%
Jihyeon L
Here is very famous for its unique menu like injulmi bingsu. My favorite thing is a ‘Mango cheese bingsu’. It is very sweet and has lots of mango. It is a season menu so you have to eat if you can order it haha. This brand has lots of stores so don’t go far. Just check the nearest one.
Yoonhee C
If you wanna try Korean representative dessert and i want to recommend Bingsu(ice flake)! And you can eat them at Sulbing! you can choose any menu here but if you want to try Korean one, then how about trying injeolmi ice flake!:)
Roh H
Sulbing is one of the best dessert in Korea. There are more than 5 kinds of Bingsu. It tastes really great and melts away right when you put it in your mouth. This will never make you disappoint.