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Where to Eat and Drink in Haebangchon (HBC)

Haebangchon (HBC) is a quite unknown neighborhood compared to the glitz and glamour of Itaewon, in Seoul. When you visit HBC, you can find wall paintings here and there in the village, and there is a famous attraction called, “108 Stairway,” which is a stairway with 108 marble steps built during the period of Japanese occupation (1910 ~ 1945). Today, HBC stands as a historical neighborhood where you can find traces of Korean modern history among a handful of shops, studios, pubs and restaurants.

Best places to visit at the popular Gyeongridan Street in Itaewon

Gyeongridan Street, once a forgotten neighborhood, rose as one of Seoul's most eclectic streets today. The name, "Gyeongnidan," is a Sino-Korean word that means finance corps, which is the now-defunct name for the Korean Army's central accounting organ. Today, it is now simply a synecdoche for Gyeongridan-gil, which stretches from Noksapyeong Station's Exit 2 to the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel, and its immediate surroundings. For those seeking a serene, laid-back hideaway and who are tired of the crowds in nearby Itaewon, explore Gyeongridan Street, where you can find a number of chic restaurants and bars offering a variety of appetizing dishes and a refined ambiance.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #Christmas Day Dinner in Itaewon, Seoul

Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings is undoubtedly one of the best meals of the whole year. But a dinner like mom makes isn't always that easy to find in a country where most of the population have never even heard of Turkey! Stuffing and gravy, forget about it. But like a Christmas Miracle, Fat Girl has tracked down the best dinners for you to enjoy during this festive season. Pre-booking is necessary as seats are limited. Merry Christmas!

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #Longest Queues in Itaewon

Queuing in Korea is practically a national pastime. And at the weekend hundreds of happy couples in matching attires come from all over the city to queue in the latest and most popular neigborhoods in the city. The current leaders are Haebangchon and Gyeongridan in Itaewon, which seem to be inundated by the hordes of Selfie Stick toting food enthusiasts every weekend. So if queuing for food isn't your thing, you might want to skip these places on the weekend.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #Thai Restaurants in Itaewon

Thai food is possibly Southeast Asia's most popular cuisine, exported all over the globe it's more famous than their happy endings. So it's no surprise that Seoul residents just can't get enough of it. Itaewon is packed to the rafters with restaurants flogging green curries, but not all of them are the genuine article. So if you don't know the difference between a Pad See Ew and a Tom Kha Goong, check out the hottest Thai restaurants that the city has to offer below.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #Coffee in Itaewon

All over Seoul, you will see Coffee is the only drink to be seen with. As you walk around town with your pals, the brand on your cup is more important than the one on your handbag. No one cares what's in it, but they do care where it's from. Corporate chains are out, and quirky cute independent stores are in. So if you want to keep up with the A list, check out where Itaewon's elites are drinking their coffees!

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #Pizza in Itaewon

Despite being the international center of Seoul, Pizza wasn't always as popular in Itaewon as you might think. For years the slices of Italian dough, covered in rich tomato sauce, and smothered in cheese eluded us. While the big chain stores like Pizza Hut and Mr Pizza dominated the rest of the peninsula. Itaewon was crying out for oven baked goodness and finally it came. Now queues can be found all over the neighborhood looking for that illustrious taste. So whether you like it thin and crispy Italian style, or the thicker New York style. This neighborhood has you covered.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds- #CraftBeer in Seoul

Craft Beer exploded in popularity in 2013, and it's yet to stop. Gyeongridan is the undisputed capital of craft beer bars, but HBC and Itaewon were soon quick to follow. Koreans and expats alike just couldn't get enough of that malty hoppy goodness. Pubs have opened all around the area offering pints of pale ale, porters, pilsners, and stouts. However not all pubs are created equal. So head to one of the bars below to find the best selection in town.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds- #Mexican in Itaewon

Mexican is currently the most in demand cuisine in Korea. Everyone and their dog is looking to get Latin loco in the the taste buds department. So it's no surprise that new restaurants are popping up like wildfire. Korean and Mexican fusion is the hottest food trend of the year, so it's hard to know which Kimchi fries are hot hot hot and which ones are so pasado. With at least 12 different restaurants in Itaewon area alone, the competition is tough. But after many a fiesta feast Fat Girl has got it narrowed down to these 6! Visit Fat Girl's <font style="color: #f37074"><a href="" target="_blank">blog</a></font> for more info.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #ExpatPubs in Itaewon

Coming to Korea from the western world is more than just a culture shock, it's like stepping onto another planet. So finding the familiar can bring comfort to many. Most of us feel at home in the pub, with a glass for whatever ails you. So it's no surprise that Seoul has a phenomenal amount of pubs catering to the expat crowds. All offering food, drink, games and company, some are more popular than others. So here are Itaewon's Top 5 most popular expat bars. Where everybody knows your name, and you're always glad you came! Visit Fat Girl's <font style="color: #f37074"><a href="" target="_blank">blog</a></font> for more info.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #DessertCafes in Gyeongridan Street

Gyeongridan is an area that grows and grows by the day. It is very popular for dating among Koreans. So, it's no surprise that a number of dessert cafes have opened up to give people a little something sweet after their date. Whether you like cake, churros, doughnuts, or eclairs, there is something for everyone. Here are Fat Girl's list of the top five new dessert cafes in the area. Visit Fat Girl's <font style="color: #f37074"><a href="" target="_blank">blog</a></font> for more info.

Fat Girl's Fab Finds #RooftopBars in Itaewon, Seoul

Summer in Seoul is sizzling. Fat Girl always enjoys a cool beer to try and beat the heat, and the best place to enjoy one is on a rooftop bar. With Seoul's somewhat ambiguous rules about rooftop drinking, it's sometimes tricky to know where to head. So here are Fat Girl's favorite spots to enjoy some alfresco drinking. Visit Fat Girl's <font style="color: #f37074"><a href="" target="_blank">blog</a></font> for more info.