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Top 31 Spots to eat, drink & enjoy in Hongdae

Hongdae is a vibrant area in the northern Seoul known for its urban arts and indie music where many music bands start their career. Trazy presents the top 31 spots including restaurants, dessert shops, clubs & places to visit that you should not miss!

Where to Eat and Drink in Hongdae's Cafe District

Hongdae in Seoul is not merely a hub of clubs and bars. If you just walk away from the hustling and bustling club area and go to the area nearby Hongik University Station Exit 8, you can find the quiet cafe district. In the alleys of this cafe district, there are fabulously atmospheric restaurants and cafes. There are two main cafe streets, one nearby Seogyo Elementary School, and the other (usually called the Coffee Prince Street) stretching out till Sanwoollim Sogeukjang. If you want to find somewhere quiet and calm in Hongdae, this cafe district is exactly where you are looking for! Here, we have selected the best, hot places for you to visit!

Cat and Dog Cafes in Hongdae

If you want to pet and touch cute, adorable cats and dogs, there are special cafes in Hongdae, Seoul, a heaven for animal lovers. You can even bring your own pets as well! Not only these dog or cat cafes offer a playground for the pets, but some of them also offer a pet hotel, pet beauty and grooming, as well as pets sale.

Top 15 It-Places to Eat and Drink in Hongdae, Sangsu District

Trazy has selected 15 top it-places to eat and drink in Hongdae, Sangsu District in Seoul! Generally, Hongdae stretches out from Hongdaeipgu Station to Hapjeong and Sangsu subway stations. If you want to experience new places rather than bustling club area in Hongdae, go to Sangsu district where you can find characterful, unique restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs, each of which has its own distinct features.

Places to visit in the calm village Yeonnam-dong, Hongdae area

Yeonnam-dong is originally a calm village in Hongdae area. It is a village where real local residents have lived for a long time. Artists of Hongdae came to the village recently. And Yeonnam-dong exists combined with real residents and new artists. Real residents and new artists co-exist in Yeonnam-dong. More artists have settled down in Yeonnam-dong and people started to visit to see their arts. This is the beginning of Today’s Yeonnam-dong. Many unique shops and small cafes are in Yeonnam-dong. Come and see. It was also introduced in one of the popular TV show “Style Log” hosted by Nana, Hong Jong Hyun and Minho. Yeonnam-dong is a calm village in Seoul where you can take a rest for a while.

Healthy places to eat & dine only in Hongdae, Hapjeong and Sangsu

Restaurants and eateries that offer not only good taste but healthy food are attracting both Koreans and foreign visitors. In recent years, people who want reliable food materials are increasing even if the price is a little more expensive. Hongdae stands in front of this growing trend to use organic ingredients.

Crazy Cocktail Night out in Hongdae

Do you want to visit Korea's hot place and enjoy the drinking culture? If so, this theme is perfect for you. These places in Hongdae offer various and delicious drinks at a very reasonable price. Also, don't forget to experience Korea's clubbing culture.

Enjoy live music & culture in Hongdae, Street of Youth

The young culture and live performances are only available in Hongdae, the street of Youth. It's also an area that never sleeps. You can feel the youth through the live performances that are held until late at night. Here are some good live music and culture places where you can eat while watching the live music performance or see exhibition while drinking a cup of coffee. Are you ready to enjoy the passion of youth?

Hot Korean Flavor: Spicy Restaurants in Hongdae, Seoul

Koreans probably like 'hot and spicy' taste the most in this world! If you are a visitor in Korea, this taste has a value to experience. In this theme, you can meet four spicy hot restaurants in Hongdae, which is one of the popular areas in Seoul. So help yourself. Of course, the last place is a Korean dessert house that can cool you down a little!