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We appreciate your contribution to share fresh,
up-to-date and unique travel spots in Korea.
And it is only fair to give back to you with rewards!
Post a spot,
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write a review.
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Reward #1

Every two weeks, the Top 3 Trazers who earned the most points can cash their points in into PayPal Credits.
Bi-Weekly Top Trazy Contributors

Reward #2

Even though you don’t make it to the top 3, don’t be disappointed.
You can accumulate your points and use the points as real money to book activities on Trazy.
Your points will be accumulated for 1 year and once you have 300 points, you can use them as
a way to pay any travel activities on Trazy.
How do I earn points?

There are 4 ways to earn points.

- Posting a new spot: 20 points
- Uploading a pic on a spot: 5 points
- Leaving a review on a spot or an activity: 10 points
- Uploading a pic on activity review: 5 points

So it’s best that you fulfill the maximum points and try to post as many spots as possible, upload pic or leave a review on the spots in order to get more points and get it cashed.

Currently you can only post a spot on the desktop web version. Uploading a pic and leaving a review are also available on the mobile web.

*Please note that your points will be accumulated for 1 year. It will automatically be expired after a year. The points you cashed in for the Top 3 Bi-Weekly won’t be deducted.

How can I do each activity?
1. Posting a spot (available only on the desktop website):
-*Please note that if you replicate a post that already exits, your points will be detracted.
   Click on the ‘Post a spot’ button on the top left corner.
- Choose the category that your spot belongs to.
- Fill out the quality information (name, city, address, interesting facts, opening hours, how to get there etc) about your spot including photos.

2. Uploading pics on a spot:
- Browse through the travel destinations that are posted on Trazy.
- If you have a photo of a spot, upload photos on each spot page by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

3. Leaving a review:
- Browse through the travel spots that are posted on Trazy and click on the ‘Leave a review’ button.

4. Uploading pics on activity review:
- Upload up to 20 pics on your review for an activity you booked and experienced.
How do I check what I’ve done so far?
Check your total points here on your profile page and make sure you keep up the good work.
Check your contributions (which spot you’ve posted/uploaded a pic/left a review) on the ‘Activity Log’ tab on your profile page.
Can I change the information that I’ve filled in for a spot?
Yes, you can always go back to the spot page and edit the information that you want by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button.

Things that you cannot change:
- The name of the destination
* If you need to change the name, please send us an email to
How do I cash in or use my points?
If you make it to final Top 3 Bi-Weekly Contributors, we will contact you through your registered e-mail and give you instructions on how to cash in your points. If you have any issues regarding this, please contact us via

If you would like to use your points to book a travel activity, simply click the ‘Pay with your points’ button on the booking page.
Can I lose points?
Yes. We want to emphasize that Quality matters.

We may take away your points when:
- you haven’t filled in enough information to make the spot page informative and valuable
- you uploaded pictures that are not related to the spot
- you have written a fake, dishonest, irrelevant or random review

Please make sure that you put your efforts on making a valuable and noteworthy information and review.
How can I earn points without losing?
Tips from Trazy!
- Make sure that when you post a spot, fill in the information as concretely as possible so that the spot page becomes informative and valuable to prospective travelers.
- Write honest, sincere reviews.
- Upload good quality pictures that well represent the place.
Terms & Conditions
- Users can win consecutively for other weeks if they are able to maintain their rankings.
- You will receive the cashed amount on the first day of the next starting week via your registered e-mail.
- As more and more people contribute everyday, the competition may grow and the condition may change. So be the first to join the Trazy community and get your reward!
- You can use your accumulated points once it reaches 300 within a year.