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WATER BOMB Festival 2017 (July 29)

$70 USD


July 29 (Sat)

Minimum Pax

1 Person


9 hours 30 mins


1 day in advance by 10:00am KST




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Meet Location

  • Jamsil Sports Complex
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Special discount til July 28, Friday (10:00am KST)!


Take a side, soak the other & dance to the music!

Team up with your friends or others and come experience the craziest dance music water festival right in the heart of Seoul. Spend a mind-blowing day of beating the summer heat by getting totally drenched at the mega water fight and by dancing to booming live performance music!

Water Bomb Festival 2017
DateJuly 29th Saturday
Time11:30am (Festival Zone open)
VenueJamsil Sports Complex near Sports Complex Station (Line 2, 9)
Line-up Blue Team - Lookas, HyunA, Skull & Haha, DinDin, C Jamm, DJ Koo, Maximite, Toyo, DJ Aster, Didi Han, Mc Phryme

Green Team - Jessi, BewhY, Sleepy, Punchnello, Insidecore, S2, Juncoco, DJ AK, Peachade, Soundfuze

Special Guest for Sprite Time (4:50pm~5:10pm) - Yook Sungjae, Shin Soo Ji
PriceRegular Price: $100 USD → 2nd Release Price: $80 USD per person

*The lineup does not reflect the performance order.
**Red Team has been changed to Green Team. Those who already booked for Red Team will be Green Team.

How to book

1. Complete your booking.
2. Check your email.
3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

1. No one under the age of 19 will be admitted to the event. Those born in or before 1998 may attend this festival irrespective of date of birth. If you are under 19, you will not be able to attend the festival nor receive a refund on the day.
2. The reservation number and valid photo ID are required to pick up wristbands. All participants must bring valid ID (passport or foreign registration card) for age verification.
3. There will be water guns sold at the venue but you may also bring your own water gun.
4. Re-entry is not allowed.
5. Lost, stolen, or damaged wristbands cannot be reissued. The event organizers, supporters, and partners will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged tickets and wristbands. No replacements will be issued.
6. Reselling or transferring of tickets is prohibited.

1. You must not use any liquid other than water for your water gun. If you do, your water gun will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the festival without a refund.
2. Sharp objects, including knife or scissors, as well as dangerous items, including fireworks and explosives, are strictly prohibited.
3. Food and beverages except for a bottle of water are not allowed. However, they will be available for purchase at the venue. Please note that you will need a credit card or a debit card to purchase food and drinks as cash will not be taken on-site.
4. The use of professional cameras (DSLR level and above) is prohibited at the festival. Please be aware that taking photos and videos of artists during their performance is related to copyright and right of likeness and may lead to legal action.
5. The floor may be slippery due to special water effects. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid wearing flip-flops or heels as they may lead to accidents. Instead, please wear sandals with straps or shoes that can protect your feet.
6. Beach wear and rash guard are recommended for your outfit. Please avoid wearing inappropriate clothing that may cause discomfort to others.
7. Please be careful with all of your belongings. Any accidents that may occur or missing personal belongings in and outside of the venue will not be the organizer, the venue or the artists’ responsibility.
8. Please refer to the following link for FAQs:


If you cancel the ticket until July 19: 100% refund.
July 20 ~ July 23: 90% refund.
July 24 ~ July 26: 80% refund.
July 27: 70% refund.
From July 28: Non-refundable.

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