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Korea Portable Wifi (T mifi) Rental (Pick up from Seoul & Busan)

$3.3 USD


Every day

Minimum Pax

1 Person


2 days in advance by 5:00pm KST




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Meet Location

  • Incheon Airport
  • Gimpo Airport
  • Euljiro (Myeongdong)
  • Gimhae Airport


  • 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi
  • Data Plan
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Stay online whenever & wherever in Korea! Enjoy a nationwide 4G/LTE data with a portable wi-fi. You can connect more than 3 devices at a time!

Share your photos and look for information on the go with this T mifi, a portable wifi by SK Telecom, anywhere & anytime in Korea!

T mifi offers a nationwide coverage in Korea including Nami Island (the outskirts of Seoul), Busan and Jeju Island. So now you can travel all over Korea and still stay connected with your friends and family at home! You will use LTE network of SK Telecom, the largest wireless operator in Korea.

4G LTE Portable WiFi (T mifi)
- Coverage: Nationwide (everywhere in South Korea)
- Upload speed: Up to 50 Mbps
- Download speed: Up to 150 Mbps
- Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously but 3 devices are recommended for optimum speed
- Dimensions: 6 cm (width) / 10 cm (length)
- Battery life: About 6-7 hours on a single full charge
- Pocket wifi package: T mifi, a charger and a small bag

Pick Up & Return Locations
Incheon: Incheon International Airport - Terminal 1
- Between Exit 6 and 7 on the ground floor
- Opening Hours : 24 hours

Incheon: Incheon International Airport - Terminal 2
- Next to Exit 3 (1st floor)
- Opening Hours : 24 hours
Seoul: Gimpo International Airport
- Near Gate 1 at the Arrivals Hall (1st floor) in the International Terminal Building
- Opening Hours : 6:30am ~ 11:00pm
Seoul: Euljiro Branch (Myeongdong area)
- Seoul: Euljiro 3(sam)-ga Station (Line 2) Exit 12
- Opening Hours : 9:00am ~ 6:00pm (Weekdays)
- Closed : Weekends & public holidays
Busan: Gimhae International Airport
- Near Gate 3 at the Arrivals Hall (1st floor) in the International Terminal Building
- Opening Hours: 6:00am ~ 10:00pm

*Please come to the pick up locations with your passport and voucher.
*You can return the device at any one of the pick up locations.
*Pocket WiFi and an instruction manual (offered in Korean/English/Chinese/Japanese) will be given to you.


Price Included
$4.4→$3.3 USD per day- 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi (T mifi) with nationwide coverage
- All taxes including VAT

1. Please show your confirmation email with your passport and credit card (Visa/Master Card ONLY) to pick up the pocket wifi.
2. Your credit card (Visa/Master Card ONLY) will be held open for a security deposit upon pick-up. If you do not return the portable wifi, 100,000 KRW will be charged from your credit card.
3. The rental fee is charged on a daily basis, not on an hourly basis. Please make sure you choose the right number of days on the booking page. For example, if you want to use the device from April 1 to April 5, please choose “5” days.

*You can also rent a portable battery for free (airport pickup only), but 10,000won will be charged if you lose it.

How to book

1. Complete your booking.
2. Check your email.
3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

1. If you use it for more days than you first reserved, additional fees per day will be charged.
2. 4G/LTE data speeds will be offered up to 1GB per day. Once you have reached the 1GB limit per day, the data speed will change to 400Kbps data speeds (unlimited). The amount of 4G/LTE data will be renewed at the midnight (12:00am) every day.
3. The device model can vary depending on the availability.


2 days before the reserved date: 100% refund.
1 day before the reserved date and less: Non-refundable.


Q. Do I need to bring a credit card on the pick up date?

Yes, the wifi company requires a credit card to pick up the portable wifi. Please show your credit card to the staff from the wifi company and the credit card will be held open for a security deposit.

Q. What if I do not have a credit card with my name on it?

You can bring a card with your parent’s name on it but please let us know if this is the case.

Q. When I pick up the portable wifi, do I need to show the same credit card that I used for the booking?

No, it does not need to be the same credit card. The credit card that you will show upon pick up for a security deposit and the credit card that you used for the booking can be different.

Q. Can I return the portable wifi to a location which is different from my pick up location?

Yes, you can return the devices at any one of the pick up locations. Your pick up and return location do not need to be the same.

Q. Can I pick up or return the portable wifi during weekends?

Euljiro Branch (Myeongdong area) closes on weekends. You may visit other locations at Incheon, Gimpo, or Gimhae International Airport. Please check the opening hours for each location before your visit.

Q. Is the rental fee charged on a daily basis or an hourly basis?

It is charged on a daily basis. For example, if you pick up the portable wifi at 11:50pm, your usage until 11:59pm will be counted as a full daily usage. Also, if you return the device after 12:00am, you need to pay for an additional daily rental fee.

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