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Ocean World All Inclusive Package

Basic Information

Gyeongbokgung palace branch: Closed on every Tuesdays
Bukchon Hanok Village branch: Closed on every Mondays
Minimum Pax
1 Person
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  • Hanbok Rental Shop 3355


  • Hanbok Rental

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2019-04-20 16:05
The clothes are clean and smells good. They are all accomodating and you can easily find the place. Thank you so much
2019-03-15 23:27
A great experience booking with Trazy and the entire day! We went with the full day rental and went at 9am. The location is easy to find with the instruction and everything went smoothly when choosing the hanbok. They even gave us a map with photospots! would 100% recommend
2018-05-25 03:10
The best hanbok experience that I ever had
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Daily Hanbok Rental for one day in Seoul! Make your day in Korea more special by traveling around Seoul wearing Hanbok.

There are 3 different of styles of hanbok that you can choose from.
Type A - Premium style (S/M)
Type B - Modernized (S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL)
Type C - Standard (S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL)
Type D - Children (1~12 years old)
* Please CLICK HERE to check out the examples of type from A to D.

How to book

  • 1. Complete your booking.
  • 2. Check your email.
  • 3. Enjoy it.

keep in mind

1. The staff will assist you in dressing up in Hanbok of your choice (Additional 5,000won for two times pitting).
2. If you fail to return on time, you will be charged a late return fee of 10,000won per hour.
3. You will be charged for any damages to hanbok that are caused while you are wearing it. Please take caution not to damage hanbok.
4. Please click the branch you plan to visit from the booking page
- Gyeongbokgung palace branch closed on Tuesdasys
- Bukchon Hanok Village branch closed on Mondays


All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST) (GMT + 9 hours)
2 days before the tour date: 100% refundable.
1 day before the tour date: 90% refundable.
Less than 24 hours on the tour date: Non-refundable.